Typical dishes from Moraira in Sand Restaurant

Moraira is known for its fishing tradition. It has been and still is a fishing village where the sailors go every morning with their boats to fish the best product of our sea and then take it to the fish market and do the fish auction. We are lucky to have this fresh product that allows us to cook dishes like the following, that we want to share with you the recipe today.



Here we leave you the ingredients and how to prepare step by step a traditional recipe, some fish balls that will certainly not leave anyone indifferent who has the opportunity to taste them.

INGREDIENTS for 12 balls:

For the balls:

500 g  Fish without bones

250 g. Breadcrumbs

Zest of 2 Lemons


3 tablespoons of Parsley

2 Eggs

75 cl. Cream

Salt and pepper


For the broth:

 1 l. Rock fish fumet

2 tablespoons of Curry

2 tablespoons of Paprika

1 chopped Onion very thin (brunoise)

3 Garlics

2 grated Tomatoes


Salt and pepper

For decoration:

1 beet chips 

1 escarole sprout


Preparation of the ball:

We put the fish in the meat grinder, we season it and mix it with all the ingredients. We let it rest 2 hours in cold while we prepare the broth. We shape it into a ball and cook it slowly in the broth.

Preparation of the broth: 

First we make a classic fish fumet. In a separate saucepan, we prepare a sauce with onion, garlic, tomato and paprika. We add the fumet and let it boil 20 minutes and put it to the point of curry, saffron, salt and pepper. Cook the balls for 20 min at low heat and serve them decorating with the beet chips and escarole.