In Sand Restaurant, in Moraira, you can eat the authentic Valencian Paella


If you ask anyone who was not born in Spain to indicate any typical food of our country, probably the answer is paella. This dish, originally from the Valencian Community, has been known throughout the national territory as well as in a large number of countries.

The history of Paella Valenciana goes back to the 15th and 16th centuries in the areas close to the Albufera Natural Park of Valencia, areas where rice has been cultivated for more than a thousand years, the main ingredient of paella. The farmers cooked with the closest products to them and this is how this dish was born, whose original ingredients are olive oil, saffron, chicken, rabbit, green beans, carob, water, salt and, of course, rice. The name "paella" comes from the name of the pan where it is made, called paella, which is a pan without mango and with two handles to support the weight of all the ingredients. Little by little, it became a traditional dish of Valencian gastronomy, typical of family gatherings, Sunday meals or village parties, until it reached the world fame it now holds.

We can find paella variants almost anywhere in the world, but it is not easy to find a good restaurant where you can have a traditional paella. In Sand Restaurant, the restaurant of Boutique Hotel LaSort, in Moraira, we have the typical Valencian paella (with chicken and vegetables) as well as other typical rice dishes from our land: Fideuà de mariscos (with noodles and seafood), Arroz del Senyoret (Shelled seafood Paella) or Paella with duck and mushrooms. So you can taste the one you prefer because we make the paellas for one person. And all this with stunning views of our Moraira beach, in the heart of the Costa Blanca.