In Moraira you can taste delicious gluten free dishes

What is gluten?

Gluten is an amorphous protein found in the seeds of upland cereals (wheat, barley, rye, spelled, triticale and oats) combined with starch. It represents the 80% of the proteins in wheat and is composed of gliadin and glutenin. The gluten is responsible for the elasticity of the flour dough, and confers the elastic and spongy consistency of the loaves and baked doughs.

Gluten proteins have a very low nutritional value for humans so it is not essential in your diet so eliminate it from the diet is not a problem. It can easily be substituted by other animal or vegetable proteins for the case of celiacs, which are people who, due to illness, can not consume gluten or for people with gluten sensitivity.

Although gluten intolerance cases increase every day, still at this time the knowledge of medical professionals is limited. Many of the affected patients do not have the disease diagnosed and when they begin to have digestive problems they choose to start a gluten free diet, although it is not a good idea because it makes difficult to diagnose the disease. The ingestion of small amounts of gluten or traces can cause intestinal villi lesion, and maybe will never appear clinical symptoms.

The Gluten Free Diet

The only effective treatment currently for celiac disease is a gluten free diet for life. With the general knowledge and the increase of cases of gluten intolerance, there are more and more gluten-free products and restaurants place more emphasis on offering gluten free dishes since their demand is increasing, so celiacs have more and more options for their diet. There are also on the market products made with modified wheat starch that contain less than 10 ppm of gluten and are suitable for people with celiac disease.

There are certain recommendations to avoid gluten. It is advisable to consume natural products since the manufactured products have a higher risk of being contaminated or containing traces. It is not recommended to consume products in bulk or handcrafted since it has been possible to produce some kind of cross contamination. We must be careful with flours that are not certified by FACE (Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain) as they may be contaminated by having processed in mills where flour is made from other cereals, such as wheat.

Aware of the large number of celiacs and also of people who are not celiac but intolerant, both at Boutique Hotel LaSort and at Sand Restaurant we are committed to a kitchen adapted to their needs, healthy and tasty. Our customers can taste a large number of tapas, starters, even gluten free pastas or desserts. For pasta lovers, our spaghettis are gluten free, our prawns and vegetable tempura is prepared with rice flour and the desserts are adapted so that they can finish the meal in the sweetest way.